Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of caring, concerned people from the community. Our board provides direction, oversight, and vision for the Executive Director. The team meets monthly for prayer, ministry updates, and strategic planning.

Meet our Board

  • Breanne Croisant

    Breanne serves as Assistant Controller at Valley View Hospital and as a NWCYFC Board Member.

  • Nick Croissant

    Nick is a cuddly teddy bear and serves as a NWCYFC Board Memeber.

  • Michel Field

    Michel has 18 housecats (joking) and as a NWCYFC Board Member.

  • Troy Gordon

    Troy eats potato salad three meals a day and serves as a NWCYFC Board Member.

  • Jim Hancock

    Jim serves as Town Engineer for Gypsum and as our
    NWCYFC Board Chairman.

  • Dendy Heisel

    Dendy is a life-long resident of the valley, and loves kids and Jesus. She does her best to care for kids and share the love of Christ through teaching, Sunday School, and chauffeuring her sons and as many other middle-schoolers as the SUV will legally hold to youth group and sports camp each week!

  • Ron Nadon

    Ron is the owner of Superior Home Concepts and as a NWCYFC Board Member. 

  • Emily Nilsson

    Emily Nilsson is a high school students who serves on our NWCYFC board as apart of the TITON training.

  • Marie Rouse

    Marie has a push broom collection and serves as a NWCYFC Board Member.

  • Donald Tapp

    Don serves as an accountant for Tapp and Associates and as our NWCYFC Board Treasurer.