Office Move Project

WE HAVE MOVED!  Mostly...

Our new office space that is right next to Glenwood Springs High School at 1429 Grand Avenue.  Before we can move in, there are a series of things we need to get done and we need a lot of help.  Come back to this page often to see updates.


February Update:  

We boxed up the old office and moved that stuff into storage next to our new space.  Our goal is to be able to move into our new office by the end of February but we are going to need some help.

  • February 1 - 7  Finish up drywall, mechanical, and inspections.
  • February 8 - 14  Painting
  • February 15 - 21 Flooring
  • February 22 - 28 Finishes, Furniture, and REALLY move in!


Needs and wants:
(Since we are starting fresh, we are looking for things that continue the theme.)

  • Stainless Over the Oven Microwave & Vent.
  • New Office Computer.
  • Computer Monitors (min 22 in. - max 25 in.).
  • (2) Gently used and approved couch.
  • (2) Bistro Table and chairs.
  • 36 in wide and preferably tall fridge/freezer.
  • Galvanized panels for decorating the lower portion of two walls.
  • (2) Smart TV min. 50 in.
  • Vacuum Cleaner. 
  • Toaster Oven.
  • (2) Pizza Cutter.
  • Large Stock Pot.
  • Pizza pans.
  • Oversized Electric Range. - Thank You Mike and Lara Fergens
  • Stainless Steel Dish-drying rack.
  • Carpet Squares from Re-Store (we can tell you which ones).
  • Vinyl Plank Flooring funds.
  • Mountable Paper towel holder for kitchen.

Early January Update:

Thanks to our friends Jim, Jerry, and a handful of others who have stopped in, the demolition on the inside is complete.  Now we are in the process of working with some local professionals to take care of electrical and dry wall.  Around the first weekend of February, we will be doing a day for painting and then a day for installing flooring.  After some finish carpentry, we will get the office things set up and begin looking for the finishing touches that will create an open inviting atmosphere.